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Frog and Friends, from the famous Max Velthuijs children's books, have now come to life in a beautiful cartoon series.

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The Frog Shop is primarily intended for parents. Children can browse around, but they will always need help ordering Frog items.

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What child isn't familiar with Frog in his red and white striped swimming trunks? Together with his Friends Frog has a new familiar adventure in each picture book..

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"I am lucky to be a frog"

Max Velthuijs, painter, writer and draughtsman, died on January 25th 2005 at 81 years of age. After traning to be a graphic designer and a career as an office clerk and salesman in a hat shop, he started drawing political illustrations, made posters and designed all kinds of printed matter. He illustrated children's books and made his debut as a writer with a collection of nursery rhymes in 1962: "Rhymes We Will Never Forget", which immediately won him a literary prize.  ...

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Children need a challenging environment to develop skills and confidence. In the Frog Club the child is challenged with games and activities?

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Stories with a message

The world in which Frog and his friends Duck, Hare, Pig and later on Rat, live, is not a fairy tale world. Subjects such as death, flooding, sadness and fear are not avoided. But friendship also has a very important place. Whatever problems there are, if you help each other, there is always a way out. Max Velthuijs succeeded time and again in expressing these feelings in a striking and subtle way. Without effort the child will learn that he is not alone and has the choice to ask for help...

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