Read aloud, Watch together, Read yourself

What child isn't familiar with Frog in his red and white striped swimming trunks? Together with his Friends Frog has a new familiar adventure in each picture book. Because of its simplicity and familiar themes, he has been popular with young children for years now.

The simple and touching Frog stories are often used in schools and child care centres. The story books supply information on subjects which reflect various themes and developmental programmes for toddlers and preschoolers. The different layers within the stories provide an enduring captivation, even after pre-school and, when they become books the children can read themselves.

Subjects in the Frog books can be fitted into development programmes:

  • friendship
  • harmony
  • helping each other
  • feelings
  • death
  • sorrow
  • fear
  • restlessness
  • identity issues
  • special skills
  • equality
  • happiness
  • beauty
  • love
  • prejudice
  • homesickness
  • surprise
  • toughness
  • friend
  • saying goodbye

In the new Frog & Friends cartoon series these subjects are further explored and visualized. New stories have been created for the animated series. Fortunately Max Velthuijs thought up the themes while he was still alive. A large number of new topics can therefore be added to those from the classic Frog books mentioned above. Eventually all new Frog & Friends adventures will also be published as books.