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Frog and Friends, from the famous Max Velthuijs children's books, have now come to life in a beautiful cartoon series. Dutch TV is broadcasting the first Frog & Friends animated series. The 26 episode cartoon series has been worked on for over four years. The scripts are based on the twelve existing books and fourteen new stories have been invented. According to the Dutch broadcasting company (KRO) Max Velthuijs, who died in 2005, was extremely proud of the screen version of his little characters.


In the Dutch version Frog's voice has been recorded by Dutch musical star Jamai and the Dutch Jazz artist Wouter Hamel sings the tune. Light Jazz music is used in Frog & Friends, as a reference to Max Velthuijs' love for Jazz. The use of Jazz in a children's series is unique, according to the Dutch broadcasting company. The Frog & Friends series has been sold to television stations in Germany, Finland, Sweden and Norway.


Dutch TV will broadcast the Frog & Friends episodes again soon.